Category: Trauma Recovery

  • Poetry – The Healing Remedy To Trauma

    Poetry – The Healing Remedy To Trauma

    Mental health has become a very real and transparent topic discussed amongst many demographics. It is crucially important that we are informed about the effects, impact and recognize the signs of unstable mental health and put in place the proper outlets to help us maintain a healthy state of mind.   “The mind can be a beautiful servant…

  • Protect Your Peace!

    Protect Your Peace!

    Don’t let them have it….. Take Back Your Peace! How do you protect your peace? I want you to put these 5 simple steps into action this week: 1.) Know what triggers you.     (This helps you to become aware and process if it deserves your peace)2.) Do not engage in toxic conversations.     (Anything toxic will taint…

  • What’s In Your Bag?              Let it Go!

    What’s In Your Bag? Let it Go!

    When you hear the term “Bag Lady” what is the first thing that comes to mind? You may think instantly, it’s a homeless woman who carries her possessions in shopping bags right? Well, let me give you a different perspective. The truth is a lot of us have been or still are bag ladies. Yes,…