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About Kono Bui'
Trauma imposes itself in many forms and is not discriminatory to any one of us with its unexpected and interrupted intentions. It can make us feel Powerless, Frightened and Change the way we view people and the world around us.

Sierra Leonean’s have faced many traumatic situations such as war, poverty, the genocide of Ebola, flooding and social injustice to name a few, which has unsympathetically impacted their security, economy, education, health as well as the decline of social disintegration detouring the potential of Sierra Leone’s destiny.

The catastrophe of these misfortunes is the reason the foundation Kono Bui’ was birthed to honor my father – Tamba “Bui” Moiwa Sr. Bui when translated means “medicine.”

Kono Bui, otherwise known as “The Medicine Man,” strives to assist individuals and families in breaking free from the bondage of traumatic experiences to Heal, Restore and Recover from the suffering, pain, self-denial and co-dependence caused from intense atrocity. The Foundation’s goal is to build the first Kono Bui' Life Resource Center and become a fountain of hope to all those who are in need of healing and recovery from the burdens of this life, particularly in Sierra Leone.

We provide intervention in the areas of education, feeding, clothing, transportation, employment, and mental health recovery. Our holistic and evidence-based approach ensures that our efforts yield the expected results. Irrespective of how traumatic an event or phase of your life may appear, there is always room for healing and growth. The Foundation offers free mental, physical, emotional and spiritual trauma recovery services to individuals, bringing them to a place of restoration and wholeness.

The Medicine Man is a cure giver. He brings hope, he shares love, he is an Instrument of God. Kono Bui is about promoting Love, Unity, Truth, and Healing because an unhealed people produces a broken generation.

I invite you to be a contributor to help build a better and brighter future for Sierra Leone.
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Meet the Kargbos
The Kono Bui' Team
Sia Moiwa is the Founder of Kono Bui’ and Instrument of God, LLC. Moiwa is also a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, transformational speaker, prophetic poet, and author. Her 14 years of experience in Business Administration and HR Operations has given her vast vantage point in being an effective leader. She will oversee all of Kono Bui’ daily operations.
Sia Moiwa
Latricia Spry is the financial officer at Kono Bui’ and is responsible for our financial administration and strategy as well as investor relations. She brings to the organization 8 years of experience in business administration and management. In addition to her management background, she will be instrumental in cultivating the Kono Bui’ Team in Sierra Leone.
Latricia Spry
Finance Officer
Jennifer Lewis is a Registered Nurse and holds a Master of Science Nursing degree. Lewis serves as the Executive Program Director for Kono Bui’ and oversees the Mental Health services for our program. Her managerial leadership, exemplifies her knowledge and capability of program planning, managing internal and external program relations, and supervising the placement for mental recovery clients regarding a range of issues.
Jennifer Lewis
Executive Program Director
Tiffany Hall is Kono Bui’s Administrator and supports all administrative operations. She is a graduate of Northwestern State University and has a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a concentration in public relations. She is instrumental in streamlining brand visibility and organizational structure. She is our go-to-girl and knows how to get the job done efficiently.
Tiffany Hall
Tony Scott is the Creative Director and head’s Kono Bui’s Art Therapy program and holds a master’s degree in Psychology and Rehab Counseling. Scott creates a therapeutic environment that provides art therapy for the healing and life enhancing process for trauma survivors to improve self-esteem, manage addictions, relive stress, improve of symptoms of anxiety and depression.
Tony Scott
Creative Director
Mustapha Sesay is Kono Bui’s Spiritual International Liaison that works with local communities in Sierra Leone to facilitate the work of the organization and other entities in the country. As a community activist, Sesay will bridge the gap between the Kono Bui’ team, government officials and village leaders to advocate rights of Sierra Leoneans, resolve community conflicts, improve communication and ensure that relationships are beneficial to the organization.
Mustapha Sesay
International Liaison Officer
Edward Nabieu is Kono Bui’ videographer and motion designer. He will manage all event scale productions and execute footage for media coverage and press releases. He brings to the IOG team, three years of graphics and motion designer experience and has worked for one of the biggest television stations (AYV TELEVISION) as a motion designer and serves as a lecturer at Competency Development Institute. He is inspired by his love for creative art and use his lens to capture life in movement.
Edward Nabieu
Videographer/Motion Designer
Rubin Massaquoi is Kono Bui’s Human Resource Director that will provide consultation to management on strategic staffing plans, compensation, benefits, training and development, and labor relations. He is a holder of advanced diplomat in Human Resources Management from Bo College of professional studies (B.C.P.S) affiliated with institute of commercial management UK. He is an author, musician, and film director who has worked with several social organizations in Sierra Leone.
Rubin Massaquoi
Human Resource Director
Clement Saudu works as the Marketing Expert for Kono Bui'. He has a Mechanical Engineer degree from the prestigious University of Ibadan. His years of experience in Digital Marketing, will help drive all Branding, Marketing Strategies and Executions. “He develops extraordinary personal brands for extraordinary people who go on to build extraordinary businesses.”
Clement Saudu
Marketing Expert
Meet Kono Bui's Ambassador, Ms. Daijunay Turner. She is a San Jose City College graduate with an AA degree in journalism and pursuing her BS in Digital Marketing. As our ambassador, Turner represents the organization by engaging and building our community through promoting awareness of our initiatives, services, and developments. She is passionate about people and uses her gift of writing to be a spokesman for Kono Bui’. She has been featured in the SJCC newspaper and has also worked as an assistant editor.
Daijunay Turner
Kono Bui’ Ambassador
Amount Raised

Your donation to Kono Bui' will support in providing Trauma Recovery Coaching and daily basic needs such as - food, clothing, transportation and emergency funds for our clients. As a token of your giving, you will receive a Kono Bui' keychain and personal thank you card from our founder and keepsake photo of our building grounds.


Becoming a partner of Kono Bui' will allow us to host workshops and trainings through our Life Resource Center. We will provide training courses in the areas of Mental Health Recovery; Education & Literacy; and Economic Development. As a token of your giving, you will receive a personalized Kono Bui’ T-shirt, social media recognition and receive quarterly newsletter updates on how your donation has impacted lives.


As a sponsor of Kono’ Bui your seed will assist in the efforts of building our 1st Kono Bui' Life Resource Center. As a token of your giving, you will receive an unique plaque with your name and/or company logo to be placed on the completed building and we will share your business and products with our communities as well as gift you a Kono Bui' shirt, hat, and newsletter subscription.

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