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I am a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach (CTRC) and Trauma Healing Facilitator that is a survivor of a life induced journey of complex trauma. I have extensive trauma-informed training and education; and specialize in working with survivors of narcissistic abuse, sexual abuse, spiritual abuse as well as childhood trauma. 

Our time together will be transformational…

Releasing the pain of trauma has completely shifted the trajectory of my life and the lives of my clients!

I’ve experienced first-hand what it feels like to move from trauma to triumph, fear to faith and brokenness to strength.

The level of freedom I’ve created for myself is something I want to share with you.
If you are bound by personal trauma, it’s time to take action, reclaim your wholeness and walk into your divine season and experience what your life as a whole person truly looks like.

It’s time for you to release the burden of your traumatic experience and claim the freedom you crave--all while transforming your life daily.

Once you accept my invitation, I guarantee that your experience will be eye-opening and life-changing.

I look forward to meeting you personally inside of the Trauma Recovery Coaching Session.

Yours in Faith,
Sia Moiwa
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  • Lindsey Blackwell

    Sia Moiwa is a true woman of God! During my personal and spiritual growth, Sia has listened to my foolishness, encouraged me and prayed with me. With a pure heart, she has counseled me through dark times. I love her to pieces! I am grateful for her courage to walk in her purpose.

  • Serena Paige

    I truly believe that The Most High puts people in your direct path for a strong purpose! It was a rough year for me, I recommitted myself to God and praised and worshiped. I went through somethings to reconnect and restore my faith. Sia is one of the very few women who I know is coming from a genuine place of love and belief. I love the fact that she is herself and she is REAL! She is a strong woman of faith which shines thru in her conversation. The convos are never pushy, judging or overly. Just real love and belief. A relatable, real old school feel woman of God! I am blessed and thankful that the most high has sent an amazing instrument to help pray for me along the way. Sia, I appreciate you always answering and ready to touch and agree on anything and everything I am praying for. You prayed this beautiful blessing of a home for us and I truly believe that! This far surpassed my own thought of restoration and you reminded me of his Favor! I appreciate you my Sista.

  • Dulce Iniguez

    I’ve known Sia for at least 11 years if not more. From the beginning she had a certain glow about her. Through the years I’ve witnessed a spiritual transformation in her. She has worked hard and dug into the word and really connected with God’s vision for her life. Recently she has spoken life into my life. I reconnected with her seeking counsel and she has encouraged me, prayed with me, called out my truths. I’ve been able to feed of off her strong faith when mine was weak. Her encouragement has given me a New perspective. A God perspective. I am blessed to be able to call her a sister in Christ.

  • Gabriela Murillo

    I've been working with Sia on my past trauma and how it has affected me in business, as a parent, my self-image and my relationship with God. She has coached me and given me tools to identify the root of my trauma and work through unsettling emotions. I didn't notice, until Sia pointed it out, the progress I have been making steps towards each week to change and the transformation that has taken place. I truly believe Sia and this ministry will help you tremendously!