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Sia Moiwa

Certified Trauma Recovery Coach & Christian Counselor, Transformational Speaker, Prophetic Poet, Author and Minister. A true Instrument of God called to help souls that have been bound by the traumas of life and inspire, motivate and equip them to heal and walk into their God-given wholeness.

Up Close & Personal
Sia Moiwa is the CEO and founder of Instrument of God Ministries, LLC where she is called to inspire, motivate and equip Individuals that have been bound by the traumas of life to heal and walk into their God-given wholeness. While serving as a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach (CTRC), Sia’s clients have experienced tangible results including complete healing from personal trauma and the removal of cognitive blocks hindering success in their work, personal, and spiritual lives.

Through her prophetic gift, Sia impacts the lives of others by writing custom pieces that give precedence for emotional healing. Sia is not only a minster of the word of God, she is also a poet and Amazon best selling author of the book "The Gyrlfriend Code - Women's Empowerment Breakthrough Edition" where she sheds new light on the dynamics of being and having gyrlfriends by sharing her powerful, personal and transformative story as a Co-Author. Her follow-up book “Pieces of Me”, is a gripping reflection dialogue guiding readers through the journey of cleansing traumatic wounds.

Sia, also described by some as a “radical firecracker,” specializes in transformational speaking and coaching, trauma therapy, trauma healing workshops, and Prophetic Poetry that reinvigorates the body mind and soul.

In addition to finding Sia as a featured guest in local magazines like Voyage Houston, Sheen Magazine and Women Empowerneurs, or on podcasts like The Late Night Talk Sew and Girlfriend Let's Talk, you can find her on Instagram @iog_ministries and Facebook at Instrument of God Ministries.
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A book about my personal poetic journey and experiences of trauma and overcoming. It is a story of restoration and vindication of how God allowed my trauma to collide me into my healing and purpose.