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At Instrument of God, we help individuals from all demographics and walks of life to Heal, Restore and Recover from traumatic events.

We provide trauma recovery support for individuals, organizations, and communities to inspire, motivate and equip them to heal, restore and recover. Our services include Coaching, Speaking, Workshops and Awareness that builds trauma-informed leaders, transforms culture, and empowers individuals to move from Trauma into Triumph.

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To be a Global healing source for individuals, families and communities.
Mental Health Recovery

Our focus is a trauma-informed mental recovery process by which we improve health and wellness for those that have been impacted by traumatic events that would help in regaining a meaningful and holistic life, despite persistent symptoms. Our focal point is on the whole person, not just their mental health needs.

Education & Literacy

Our education model is inclusive, collaborative, and equitable; where learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together, and learning to be is at the center of providing education and learning opportunities for all. We empower the purpose of understanding oneself and the world by expanding the knowledge of reading and writing.

Economic Development

We transform communities by teaching entrepreneurship and providing resources that ignites innovation: to create wealth and independence that will promote sustainability by diversifying the economy, creating, and retaining jobs and enhancing the prosperity and quality of life for all.