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Healing, Trauma Recovery

Mental health has become a very real and transparent topic discussed amongst many demographics. It is crucially important that we are informed about the effects, impact and recognize the signs of unstable mental health and put in place the proper outlets to help us maintain a healthy state of mind. 

The mind can be a beautiful servant or a dangerous master.” – OSHO

Poetry has served as a great way to help me heal from my trauma. It provided me a safe space to process and express my emotions and I found my voice that resonated with others and their pain. I have to agree with Audre Lorde’s quote “Poetry is Not a Luxury.” My life and what I had to war through in order to heal came with great aguish, but the written words of my heart brought me freedom and healing.
Words are powerful and your experiences can be repurposed for a meaningful life. It reconnects you back to yourself and allows you to connect with who you are to become and those that are on your journey waiting to hear your story. You will find solace in that which you have suffered and build a bridge between your words and your soul.
Here is a snippet of one of my poems called “Sista Pass the Cup”:

This poem was written from the encounters, interactions and hurts experienced by sisters that were judged of their past, rejected instead of comforted and loved. How as sisters God has called us to cover and protect each other.

I would encourage you to write through your pain and let your words become the anchor to your wholeness. Share with someone close to you or since you’re subscribed to my mailing list, shoot me a quick email of your creative words and let me know how writing has helped you. ?

Happy Writing! ✍?

Here’s to moving from Trauma to Triumph, Fear to Faith and Brokenness to Strength.
Sia Moiwa
CEO & Founder – IOG