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Trauma Recovery

Don’t let them have it…..

Take Back Your Peace!

How do you protect your peace?

I want you to put these 5 simple steps into action this week:
1.) Know what triggers you.
     (This helps you to become aware and process if it deserves your peace)
2.) Do not engage in toxic conversations.
     (Anything toxic will taint your peace and dissolve it)
3.) Communicate how a relationship or situation makes you feel.
     (You have a right to voice how your peace is being affected) 
4.) Speak Peace and you’ll think Peace.
     (Anything you desire to see in your life must be spoken to manifest)
5.) Don’t be afraid to take a break or change your environment.
  (Sometimes in order to save your peace you must remove yourself completely)

What it means to protect your Peace and WHY!